Heat pump model for sizes 30000, 42000, 48000 & 60000 Btu/hr

All units are multi poise units (Up flow, down flow and horizontal flow)

Easy access for filter cleaning. Washable Aluminium frame filter

Superior air distribution

Available static pressure up to 175Pa

Easy access for filter cleaning



Nominal Sizes are available from size 18 to 60 to meet the needs of residential & Light commercial applications

Totally enclosed ball bearing fan motor provides greater reliability under adverse conditions

Weather protective cabinet of pre painted steel is protected underneath by a Galvanized coating and treated with a coat of Zinc Phosphate for a finish that will last for many years

The 38EYX uses Puron(R410A), the environmentally sound refrigerant that provides home owners with additional peace of mind because Puron has zero ozone depletion potential

Aluminium fin material is pre coated on both sides with a corrosion protective coating, capable of 1000 hr salt spray exposure as per ASTM B117 test

A narrow spaced coil grille is factory supplied for improved coil protection

Each compressor is protected with internal temperature and current - sensitive over loads. An internal pressure relief valve provides high pressure protection to the refrigeration system.

Minimum outdoor operating ambient in cooling mode is 13 Deg C and Maximum is 52 Deg C

Minimum outdoor operating ambient in heating mode is -34 Deg C and Maximum is 19 Deg C